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We are beautique branding & digital design studio from Poland. We create brands that resonate with the right people, through strategic and memorable design.

We specialize in making brands stand out with modern and purposeful identities. We're all about a strategy-first approach because we know how valuable context is.


Here’s what we can do for you.

We designed our services to meet the unique needs of businesses like yours. We strive to deliver the best results, ensuring consistency across all materials and making the process smooth for you.

We host strategic workshops to define key elements such as your brand character, mission, vision, goals, tone of voice, and ideal customer profile. We analyze the broader context of your brand and identify its most unique aspects, which will help your brand carve out its place in the market and gain a competitive edge over rivals.

You'll receive a cohesive and unique visual identity that aligns well with the strategic objectives and reflects your brand's personality. We craft a comprehensive and functional visual system, and give you frameworks that support your company's growth and simplifies the creation of marketing materials across various platforms - digital and print.

Has your brand been on the market for a while, but you feel like it's time for a change? Struggling to keep everything cohesive, the existing system lacks flexibility, failing to effectively communicate the value of your services or products? We'll take you through a smooth rebranding process from start to finish, ensuring your new image truly reflects who you are.

We'll create a website for you, ensuring it's well-structured and user-friendly so your customers can easily find what they're looking for. We keep up with the latest trends and focus on good design to grab your customer's attention and reflect the unique personality of your brand, but still keeping in mind design prinicples and good practices.Additionally, we offer frontend development expertise to guarantee your site is optimized for speed and performance. Utilizing the latest technologies, we'll ensure your website operates seamlessly. By collaborating with our dedicated developer, you'll receive a bespoke site that truly sets you apart, avoiding the cookie-cutter approach often seen with platforms like WordPress

In today's world, having a strong presence on social media is crucial for most businesses. We offer support in branding your profiles and help you maintain consistency across all materials created for social media platforms. Whether it's designing templates for future use or collaborating on creating monthly graphics, we've got you covered.

Over 60% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on product appearance and packaging aesthetics. As we continue our collaboration on identity, we can create marketing materials that enhance your brand's image. Our goal is to ensure consistency and make a great first impression at every customer interaction.

We guide and support you through the entire design process, at every stage starting with brand strategy, through designing the visual assets, and implementing it all in your business. We offer advice, provide insights, and listen to your ideas.

What our clients have to say?

Przemysław Bazan

Tax & Money

Every project I take presents its own set of challenges, but with Paulina, these challenges become more manageable and well within reach. I really appreciated her multi-layered approach. We began with a purely informational interview, and then seamlessly infused emotions into the project. In such a natural way, a masterpiece was created ;)

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